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I Haz a Cold…Air, that is!

I have cool air in all of my house.  Yippee!!  New Central AC installed today.  I don’t care if it is September and MOST of the hot weather is behind us, I have conditioned, dry air in my house.

The inside air handler is sitting in a pan with a cut off switch so if the condensate pump quits working, the unit will not continue to run and leave water all over the floor.

If you are a local friend of mine, I have the name of great AC people.

I didn’t realize this message hadn’t posted to the world, so the update.  AC went in on 9/13 and a week later I still love it.  It is marvelous.  The only disadvantage is the condensate pump that will ensure all stays dry sounds like an jet engine winding up.  Sitting on an aluminum pan suspended above the floor might do that.  Will be talking to the AC guys about maybe putting it on some cushioning so the vibrations aren’t transmitted directly to the metal pan.

Update on eyes – the new eye is doing great, and I continue to be amazed at the improvement in vision.  My brain has adjusted to seeing with two eyes with different vision.  The new eye has a different perception than the old eye with glasses.  It has been interesting…