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My New Vision

I’m sorry things have been a bit quiet around here, but with Ravelry and Face Book there isn’t much computer time left for my blog.

Thought I would let all you in blog land know about my “New Eye.”  As with many of us baby boomers as time passes genetics and sunlight  take their toll.  I have the sun damage to my skin (thanks to working in the environmental field) and a newer event, cataracts.  The doc said “early onset” so I don’t feel totally ancient but cataracts none the less.

As a small child I watched my grandfather and great uncles go through the traditional surgery – days in the hospital with the head propped up in a specific position and no bending over for quite some time.  Not any more – the Interocular Lens they use require the tiniest incision on the eye, a laser to demolish the old lens then replaced that with a tiny scrolled-up corrective lens.  Day surgery and you go home with drops and instructions.  Mine was on Wed morning.  At least not at the break of dawn.

The idea is most people won’t need glasses for general vision.  Except for me. The dratted astigmatism ruined the no glasses plan as I will still need correction.  Return to regular activities as long as comfortable, except for swimming and high velocity racquet sports.   Not A Problem.  Haven’t played racketball or tennis for over 20 years.  And my knees would whine if I even picked up a racquet.

Everything went well and I was assured that I wouldn’t be aware of the procedure.  They were right but I did drift towards awareness at one time and advised them, “I believe I am a little more aware than I choose to be” and then went right out again.  When I mentioned it to the doc the next day he tried to hide his grin…

So I call my improved eye my “new” or “bionic” eye.  The difference in vision is amazing.  The ads on TV showing vision with cataracts is like looking at a fogged bathroom mirror are correct.  My research prepared me for the return of clarity to my vision but not the degree that colors simply GLOW.  Wowza.  I can SEE in the shower (been nearsighted with glasses since 8 years old and seeing ANYTHING without glasses or contacts is …amazing…). Colored soap was my first choice so I would be able to find it a bit easier when dropped against the white tub.  No more searching by feel!

The rest of the story – My Niece (DN1 for Dear Niece #1 – there is a niece-in-law and she is DN2, truly a dear and a niece) was married in a lovely garden ceremony in north Fla over Labor Day weekend.  More about that another day.  We had returned on Monday and I walked into the House of Dustbunnys on Tues to find the bedroom carpet going squish.  Ick.  Never a good thing.  Plumbers out on Wed, not the plumbing.  AC problem!  AC people out on Thurs  and the portable unit I was using instead of the central decided over the weekend to malfunction and pee all over the floor.  The nerve.  The cat has more manners.

New central AC unit going in on Monday.  There is still coolness because I had purchased a tiny window unit but hated the thought of drilling holes in the window and the portable WAS working.

SO…House of Dustbunnys is on the upward spiral now.


Knitting for Warmth

Christmas is past, and I was supposed to start knitting for ME now.  Not so fast.  The R2D2 hats I knit for the nephews were quite popular and a couple of people have actually begged me to knit one for them.  The knitting is finished on one, and the second has a good start to it.

I did break in the middle as it was unseasonably COOOOOLD in Florida and I wanted something to help keep me warm IN THE HOUSE.  Yes, I have heat, but my body heard how cold it was outside and refused to listen to the thermostat reading.

Peaches & Creme cotton yarn is one of my favorites and so I tried knitting some hand warmers (fingerless mitts) and a cowl out of two different colorways.  Both turned out and I will be going back to the P&C for warm things again. Some of my buddies on the P&C Ravelry list in the cold north lands (New England states!!!) say they like wearing the cotton items, except when scraping ice off windshields.  BRRRR.

fingerless mitts

Free pattern found through Ravelry, Susie’s Reading Mitts by Janelle Masters (click the link to go to the free pattern off Ravelry).  Of course I felt I had to mess around with it and initially did a ribbing cuff at the top.  Didn’t like it and ripped and reworked in the edging the pattern called for.  The yarn was quite a bit heavier so I cast on 36 stitches with size US 6 knitting needles and worked in the round by Magic Loop. Color is Country Garden (much prettier in person than in the scanned image)

The next item was a cowl, Stacked Eyelet Cowl – I wanted something to keep my neck warm as my short hair wasn’t quite long enough.  An advantage of this pattern is you can pull it up to sink your mouth and nose into the soft warmth or let it accordion low on your neck.  It drapes nicely and the choke factor is quite low with this cowl; I truly hate something pressing on my throat.

cowl from P&C

The yarn is Peaches & Creme Passion and is a lovely mix of gold, peach, coral, lilac, light red..and I keep seeing different shades of each in it.  Simple knit and I started with a cast on of 110 instead of the 120 the pattern called for – again the pattern is written for a finer yarn. I just kept going until it was the size I wanted.

Warm and cozy!  And the temp is finally back up in the 70’s.

It’s been a while

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while – been both busy with normal every-day things and didn’t think much was noteable.  Of course I thought you would be vastly interested in:

  • The folding chair I’ve used for a computer chair gave up the ghost. This chair, unlike the previous 20 yr old desk chair did NOT dump me on the floor.
  • I found the library book that is 2 months overdue
  • The trip to the grocery store has been put off until I have eaten some of the cans of not-favorite veggies in the cabinet.  Why do they put nasty lima beans in mixed veggies???
  • I’m behind on my email.  No matter how I try to keep up, it defeats me
  • Guess what – I’m knitting and spinning!  But not yet knitting what I’ve spun.   And only in places with good AC.  Eliminates the dustbunny palace with mediocre AC until evenings when it cools off a bit and the AC has a fair chance.
  • I’m tired tired tired of being HOT and sweaty.  Come on cooler weather!
  • Missed both my sis-in-law’s and nephew’s birthdays.  (my BIGGEST oops)

Next post should be more fun!

Election Day Reflections

I considered voting early, but hearing about the extremely long lines on the local news I thought I would wait until election day – my poling place is generally pretty fast moving and I’ve only had to wait up to an hour in line before.  An hour?  Quite doable compared to 4 others were experiencing.

Time slipped by and 4:20 rolled around and I thought I had better run before the folks getting off early from work get in line.  Made it!  Parked right next to the door and didn’t even need my folding chair and “busy bag” to pass the time while waiting to vote.  Walked into the building, was greeted with smiles from the officials and had to wait a whole 2 minutes while the person in line before me signed her name.

My county has the fill-in-the-oval we all remember from standardized tests.  After making choices the voter inserts the forms through the optical scanner.  But…the ONE scanner at my polling place was malfunctioning and the option provided was to deposit the forms it in a large locked bin.

The news reported generally smooth voting for most of the county but there were problems – a few of the scanners “lost” their scanned results.  The supervisor of elections was not available for comment but provided a statement that put the blame totally on the lack of customer support from the company selling the units.  Fortunately we won’t have to listen to him blame others in the future as he was NOT re-elected.  If the system doesn’t work correctly, admit it! Don’t just point fingers and whine it wasn’t your fault.