Snowdrop Lace

One of the KAL (Knit A Longs) in a Ravelry group I belong to is the Snowdrop Lace Facecloth.  It was pretty and I started with a yarn I had close by – a variegated purple, green, and white (seen previously in my Turn Up the Heat Mitts).  After some struggles with the pattern I finally had a repeat I was happy with…but was not happy with how it looked.  Knitted another repeat.  Still not happy with how it looked. Variegated worsted is not the best yarn for a lace pattern, the pattern of the colors  interferes with the texture of the knit pattern.

You would think I’d know by now.  Continuing with a project while unhappy with how it looks does not always make you happy with how it looks.  Each time I saw the pretty white lacy appearance of the photo on the pattern the more unhappy I became.

Rippit…frogged.  Next I used some 2 ply cotton yarn I received in a Pisgah (home of Peaches and Creme yarn) grab bag.  I think it was a ball of their Article 925C, a 2 ply sport/baby weight that normally comes on 1 lb cones.  Love those grab bags!  And I love how it is looking, but what to make with it?

snowdrop lace cloth in progress

I can continue and make a pretty, lacy scarf (I think I have another ball of yarn in my stash) or continue to the end of the ball I’m on now.  Or maybe a little longer  and I think it would make a nice hand towel in the bathroom.  Or end it now and make a face cloth out of it.

The bit of purple towards the top is the lifeline.  In case I make ANOTHER mistake I know I can quickly rip back to this point and save unknitting each  stitch one at a time (called tinking).

Need to switch back to the R2D2 hat, as it MUST be finished by Sunday!

Sigh.  Had to rip back to the lifeline and decided this is now a facecloth.  Period.  Move on.

Binding off with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off as shown by Cat Bordhi on You Tube


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