Pre-Christmas Crafting Push

I’ve been working on and off on Christmas gift items for a while now and have one large project finished and a few smaller ones.  All will be held in secret until Dec 25 or when the packages are finally delivered.

As with many of us, gifts this year will be those created.  Knitting is still enthralling to me so many of them are knitted.  Dust will be removed from the sewing machine for some fleece projects that have been popular in previous years.  Lots to do!

While trolling for knitting patterns I ran across these sites and thought to share.

Most of my pattern searching has been on Ravelry, but other places have ideas, too!  Lots of knitting charts and patterns are here.  The creative and generous designer is Jessica Tromp and I have only begun to explore the site.  I’m eager to try some more color work! The mittens page is full of some adorable ideas.

Ever been to I was led there through a Google Widget and it is fascinating to pick a color out of an image and give it a name.  Lots more possibilities and need to see what else is offered.



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