What sheep are you?

Since I’ve been introduced to lovely sheepy wool with knitting and spinning, sheep seem more interesting than ever.

Wonder if I could have A back yard sheep?  Just ONE sheep.  Does a single sheep get lonesome?  Guess the zoning regs wouldn’t be too happy about it.

A new book (please note:  This would make a GREAT Christmas or Birthday present…just sayin’ and USED is just fine…) The Knitter’s Book of Wool has a fun quiz – Which ewe are you?

I’m a Finn!  Huh?

“Finn’s resilient nature makes them practical and straight-forward, a quality these medium wools balance with curiosity and a zest for life.  Fastidious in personal appearance and reliable, Finns stay true to their flock and make loyal friends.”

Awwww.  Very complimentary and guess they don’t know my 7 colored tee shirts I wear with everything.  Everywhere.

A good excuse to locate some FINN wool to spin!


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