It’s been a while

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while – been both busy with normal every-day things and didn’t think much was noteable.  Of course I thought you would be vastly interested in:

  • The folding chair I’ve used for a computer chair gave up the ghost. This chair, unlike the previous 20 yr old desk chair did NOT dump me on the floor.
  • I found the library book that is 2 months overdue
  • The trip to the grocery store has been put off until I have eaten some of the cans of not-favorite veggies in the cabinet.  Why do they put nasty lima beans in mixed veggies???
  • I’m behind on my email.  No matter how I try to keep up, it defeats me
  • Guess what – I’m knitting and spinning!  But not yet knitting what I’ve spun.   And only in places with good AC.  Eliminates the dustbunny palace with mediocre AC until evenings when it cools off a bit and the AC has a fair chance.
  • I’m tired tired tired of being HOT and sweaty.  Come on cooler weather!
  • Missed both my sis-in-law’s and nephew’s birthdays.  (my BIGGEST oops)

Next post should be more fun!


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