Beach Trip!

Sis needed a beach trip – soak up a bit of salt air, watch the waves, and have a refreshing get-away.  I got to go too!   As we started from her house to head to Daytona Beach Shores the threatening grey sky turned to rain.  Much of the way is on a 2-lane highway and we had the fortune to follow a garbage truck on the way to the dump.  For miles.  And miles. In the rain.  You can almost see the reflection of the camera cozy I was knitting in the picture below.

The camera.  Sigh.  I had misplaced my camera over a month ago and could not find it anywhere.  So sis loaned me an extra camera she had at home and I could once again take pictures.  Side note – yesterday I was looking for a specific color of yarn, and in a small box UNDER the yarn I saw the edge of my camera.  YAY.  It was not left behind somewhere and I have it again.  Sis’s camera is fun to use with all the different settings and it doesn’t gorge itself on batteries like mine, but there is nothing like your OWN camera back.

The rain did end but were were left with cloudy skies.  First stop in Daytona was at Krispy Kreme Donuts.  The Hot Light was not on but they did have some warm glazed donuts (without the hole) of which we consumed way too many.  Then onward to Beach Street and the Scrapbooking store.  I sat and knitted while Sis found some pages she needed.  As we crossed the Halifax River on Dunlawton Bridge we got our first view of…THE BEACH!  Well, at this point it was ocean, but we are nearly there.

To the stoplight and turn left – a familiar path as we have stayed on this “end” of the beach before.  Saw a number of restaurants with closed signs.  Sad – including one Diner type place that had been there for years.

As we unloaded the car at the motel, the box of donuts fell to the ground, spilling FOUR of them.  I do admit that I was ALMOST tempted by the 5 second rule, but we were outside in the parking lot.  At the beach.  Sand…yuk.  And just general yuk, too.

Awesome room – 8th floor at the top of the hotel!  Great view, balcony, kitchen, and even comfy chairs!

First beach meal – takeout from DJ’s from under the bridge – It is a fun place to eat as they have wooden tables with thatched umbrellas as outside seating.  An interesting river view and you can even purchase fish crunchies (Purina fish chow?)  to feed the fish.  Both of us love the scallops and shrimp, so we split the meals and share the fresh seafood.

This is the view from the outside seating

I scurried back to our room and we ate sitting on our balcony, gazing at the ocean.  Ahhh…  Then it was time to change to the swimsuits and check out the water slide.  The hotel had an adult-sized water slide and we both tried it out, laughing all the way.

And the beach looked like this:

Cheery, huh?  We messed around in the pool and the hot tub…not much else was noteworthy the first day.

Day 2 –

Woke up just in time to take pictures of the sunrise and then back to bed…LOL

Waking up the second time, I find out Sis is ill.  Oh, dear.  I make a CVS run for bottled water, meds, and batteries.  Sis takes her meds and goes back to bed.  The notable meal of the day is delivery from an italian restaurant and is AWESOME.  The pizza was tasty, crunchy, and loaded with the good stuff.  We also ordered a toasted sub sandwich and it was just as good.  Will definitely be ordering from them again, Genovese’s Italian Restaurant (looked up the phone number and address to include here so I’ll remember it…LOL) 1116 Dunlawton Blvd 386-767-4151.

The day cleared up for a few hours, and I spent most of it spinning and reading.  A nearly perfect day for me, and miserable for sis.

and wool/spinning pictures for my fibery friends:

I slept through most of sunrise on the next morning, and before we knew it time to leave had arrived.

On the way home we stopped at an interesting little place on the St. John’s River for lunch.  We ate looking out at the hot summery day and watched the river flow lazily by.

Mini vacation was over.


2 responses to “Beach Trip!

  1. Beautiful sunrise! Your mini vaca sounds fabulous! I hope your sister is feeling better…

  2. What an amazing sunrise. Hope you two will get another weekend away with both feeling well and no rain.

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