Cheezeburger – a SQUIRREL!

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6 responses to “Cheezeburger – a SQUIRREL!

  1. Love this photos.
    Ok, so here’s a hilarious ‘connection’ to this picture. I read the blog My Charming Kids, and she posted about this picture. The writer of the blog has a son with serius heart problems, and he has a home care nurse. The woman in the photo? His nurse! LOL. Here’s more info:

  2. Sorry for the typo, I was so excited I didn’t stop to correctly voice my thoughts. The frist sentence should be read as, “I love these (Cheezeburger) photos, and love this squirrel photo…
    (Now, you can read the rest of my original comment…)

  3. This has gone viral apparently. The morning news shows the other day had copies of the squirrel pasted on to all sorts of different pics, this one included. Personally I’d rather see George or Sean popping up all over the place 😉

  4. It’s okay, YM. I know how computers work–the data was just distorted on the way to the server 😉

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