Dueling recipes – Tuna Dip

A friend of mine just posted her recipe for Crab Dip with REAL crabmeat!  And Cream Cheese AND Mayonnaise!  Three of my favorite ingredients.

Nothing is complete without mayonnaise.  Except…my tuna dip has no mayo!  Probably because it started life as a Tuna Ball.  You know, that lovely 70’s thing you put out with the good crackers (Ritz) on the wooden serving platter. The recipe was probably passed along from your mother’s parties in the 1950’s (OK, I am becoming ancient so let’s say Grandma’s).

I’m not interested in mixing the ingredients and skillfully forming into a ball to roll in chopped pecans, or if you are REAL cheap, dried parsley leaves (they rehydrate in the fridge so they aren’t crunchy).  So I skipped that step entirely and just mixed and  plopped in a nice bowl.  I do smooth the top so it looks pretty.  Kind of.  And if I’m feeling real festive, sprinkle some finely sliced green onion over the suface.

About the only difference between my Tuna Ball and the Crab Dip is the lack of mayonnaise, no shredded cheddar.  BUT I have 16 oz of artery-clogging Creme Cheese to make your cardiologist go wow…

My version of The Tuna Ball

6 oz can of drained tuna (hey – anyone noticed they are now FIVE ounces? And cost more?  So may need to remove about 2 oz of the Creme Cheese)

2-8 oz bars of Creme Chease

dried garlic (fresh is really better, but don’t use too much)

few drops Worcestershire sauce

seasoned salt (never tried Old Bay, but can see that would be GOOD)

Celery Salt (or get fancy with Beau Monde Seasoning) May not need if you add some minced celery for a bit of crunch.

Black pepper (if you like it…)

chopped green onions – Plenty of onions.  Green add a bit of color along with flavor, but red or plain yellow onions work, too.  Use what is on hand!

chopped pecans to roll the ball into (not absolutely required as explained above).

A little citrus juice – a bit of lemon or lime will perk up the flavor, as will a few drops of tabasco-type sauce (my current fav is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce)

Drain tuna, mush together and refrigerate to let the flavors blend.  Serve with crackers of choice.  Triscuits are pretty good with this, but Ritz or Club Crackers are Really Good.


3 responses to “Dueling recipes – Tuna Dip

  1. You have never tried Old Bay Seasoning? We need to remedy that asap! This coming from a VA/MD girl who lives on it!

  2. That reminds me–I didn’t buy any cream cheese, so I can’t even make my crab dip yet! This sounds kind of similar to a “cheese ball” Lee’s family had at a Christmas dinner. I’ll have to try this out sometime… Maybe with crab instead of tuna 😉

  3. Not only are the tuna cans smaller, but there is less tuna and more water/oil. What they call chunk today was flaked a couple of decades ago. Phooey.

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