Spinning Adventures-Part 2-the woodworking store

I left off with the first spinning wound into a skein, and here is a picture of the just-wound mess…er…achievement.

The bright white parts are the acrylic yarn I used to tie the skein in a couple of places so it wouldn’t tangle.

The second spindle full was even more fun to work on, and I worked on the consistency of  my “drafting” (pulling the roving apart into spinnable bits).  Soon I had filled a second spindle full, plied, and was ready to start again.

This is so addictive and I want to show and share with everyone I know.  If you don’t move fast enough you are treated to a demonstration or if I can prod you, into trying it for yourself.

I wanted MORE spindles, so back to the woodworking store for more wheels.  I took along what I was working on to show the guys.  They were so funny.  Here I am, standing in a woodworking store that caters to wood turners, carvers, and other woods-craftsmen showing off my precious attempt at their artistry with some rough-looking string on the dowel and a bit of fluff spiraling off the top.

They get a demonstration, and it encourages them to talk – ones mother-in-law crochets THOUSANDS (his words) of preemie caps and has made afghans for everyone in the family.  He continues and looks at me and says quite seriously, you know, you can buy yarn.  I laugh.   He kind of grins, too and says, “There ought to be a more efficient way of doing that…” and you can see the wheels turning in his head. I nod and say there is, a brand new bit of technology called the spinning wheel, merely a few hundred years old.

He gets a good laugh out of that one.

Maybe I should take a picture of a kick wheel in and show them.  I bet they could give me some advise for making one!


One response to “Spinning Adventures-Part 2-the woodworking store

  1. Better than I’ve ever done! I’ve got to try this sometime.

    Actually, it does look really good. I like just a little bit of unevenness in something that’s going to be a tight knit, because it adds to the texture.

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