Corny Biscuits and the Kapok Tree

I provided my wonderful biscuit recipe in an earlier post.  An easy improvement – BUY NEW BAKING POWDER.  I used up the old and bought a new can, and I am simply amazed at the difference in quality of the biscuits.  The previous can was a bit old, but it had never been opened so I thought it was probably OK.  Nope.  The new biscuits are so much lighter they almost float.

While sorting through postcards I came across some of the Kapok Tree in Clearwater, FL.  We had gone there for some Important Family Occasions when I was in my early teens.  My Aunt lived just north of Clearwater and when we came to visit everyone would get all dressed up and we would drive down, park, and enter the lovely sculpture and fountain-filled gardens.

I remember the extravagant dining areas and coordinating restrooms.  And the corn fritters.  I was making biscuits one day and thought about making corn muffins with corn and jiffy mix.  Opened the can of corn and then got down the box of jiffy mix.  Uh Oh.  It was too old.  In the trash.  Was not in the mood to eat corn as a vegetable so I thought corny biscuits!

Corny Biscuits

1 cup all purpose flour

1 Tbs dry milk powder

1 1/2 Tbs baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1Tbs dried onion flakes

2 Tbs sugar

1/2 can of corn – about 7 oz

drain corn juice into measuring cup and add milk or water to make 3 oz

1 oz canola oil

mix, and make drop biscuits.  Bake. Makes 1/2 batch.

They are delicious and I’ve made them several times.

Back to the postcards.  After seeing the Kapok Tree postcard, I remembered how much I liked the CORN FRITTERS they served family style with every meal.  I think we would have been happy with individual plates of corn fritters.  The recipe is online, and I checked.  The only difference between my corny biscuits and their fritters – they add an egg and 1/2 the sugar and deep fry them.

I feel almost virtuous.  No deep frying here!


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