Adventures in Knitting-Secret Revealed

The recipient received her package and loves the bag!  It is a dark fuchsia/pink and felted so it is nice and thick and feels substantial.   Big enough for a lunchbag, purse, or project tote!

This item was felted by hand.  I wanted full control of the process and worked in the sink with hot tap water, a bit of dish soap and a lot of squishing, squishing, and MORE squishing!  Everything shrank except for the handle and I swear it grew.  The bag shrank more vertically than horizontally, but I like the shape.  A bit of visual interest was added with some buttons out of my collection.

I also included several smaller items:

a pink sheep out of the same yarn (Lion Brand Feltable Wool).   The pattern was easy to follow and was found on the Flutterby Patch blog.  Hers have faces…not sure why I decided not to make a face…

It’s only about 2 1/2 inches tall, shown against a backdrop of one of my vintage Florida Postcards.

Stitch markers

in a little bag out of Peaches & Creme in Pink Lemonade.  How about this for bright colors?


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