Adventures in Knitting – shhhh – it’s a secret!

The focus of the latest adventure is not for public consumption yet.  I’m knitting a small tote for a Ravelry Group Swap and don’t want to give too many details in case my victim/swappee reads this.

It is an adventure, though.  I was planning on knitting something in my beloved cotton yarn, but it wasn’t speaking to me and didn’t feel right.  So that went back in the barn for the next project.  I carpool to knitting group and my buddy S wanted a chart keeper for her new lace project.  We stopped at Michaels and she picked out a cute mini-lunchbox tin big enough to keep her yarn.  Of course we couldn’t leave without checking the yarn.  Still no update to the yarn section, but there are some additional yarns on 99 cent special – including Lion Brand Feltable Wool.

Ping!  My inner designer liked the thought of a brilliant eye-knocking color felted bag.  A few skeins jumped into my cart – I wish I had glommed more and off we went to knitting.

I enjoy reading patterns and then winging it, especially when it is a simple idea.  A rectangle for the bottom, pick up stitches and knit around and around.  But how many stitches?  Hmmmm… 47 was the last cast on I did on a dishcloth.  So I did 50.  Like round numbers.

It grew.  And grew.  It got wider and wider, almost like magic.  I didn’t take into account I had switched from 4 mm to 9 mm needles.  Ooops.  Big isn’t a problem with bags, but it was too narrow and I didn’t like the proportions.


Returned home and located the pattern.  Only 25 stitches??? That would be wayyyy tooo small.  I want the bag to be big enough to actually use; a paperback book, an apple, and a sandwich should fit.  Or a small knitting project.  So I cast on 35 stitches and like the size.  I’ll felt carefully so it doesn’t shrink to nothing.

The pattern strap may be changed too.  I’ll have to think about that.  I like smaller handles on small bags as I usually stuff them down a larger bag.

Yes, I have Too Much Stuff.  How did you guess?

Got lots to do…better get this proof read, posted and move along.


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