My Knitting Adventures – Socks 3B

Sock 3B is progressing quite nicely, considering I am about to go bonkers from trying to juggle size 00 dpns.  How can you all do this?  Knit socks on purpose with dpns?  I’ve seen video of the Yarn Harlot doing it and sit amazed.  The awkwardness is lessening just a bit, but not much and it is taking me about 20 mins to do ONE ROUND.  One measly round.  The first few rounds took about an hour each of torment, so it is clear that I am getting better at this. 

I did Fuzzy Feet for my first knitting project and remember flying right along on the dpns.  I did have a bit of a problem hanging onto the left needle that had given up its last stitch.  It dived for the floor and wanted nothing more to do with me.  One of my knitting group buddies was on the side the needles kept leaping so she was kind enough to fetch them from the floor, but did ask me if I was throwing them at her. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I do like the look of the ribbing with the smaller needles.  It really does look tidier.  This last few rows is going sooooo slow I can barely stand it.  BUT am I going to rip the first sock and redo with the 00’s??  NOPE.  Not unless when I wear them the ribbing is so loose the sock creeps down into my shoe. 

What to do for my next socks?  I have mostly self-striping yarn and all the patterns I really like look great in non-striping yarn.  Of course.  My pattern requirements are something I can do toe up, alter for my poor footsies that are long, normal size at the toes and then widen to accomodate my cankles.  You know – when there is no graceful merging of the leg into a neat, trim ankle and the calf of the leg appears to slam into the the foot?

I have Charlene Schurch’s and Wendy Johnson’s sock books along with all of Ravelry to choose from.  A Ravelry friend has figured out a modification of Monkeys for wider ankles, and I am thinking of trying that. I wonder how it will look in the vibrant purple and yellow Opal yarn a friend gave me?

If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to speak up!  Either of you!  LOL…


2 responses to “My Knitting Adventures – Socks 3B

  1. Sooo, when I started knitting, I started with socks. . .on dpns. . .metal dpns, because that is what I had left from my Grandma’s yarn-and-needle legacy. Two tips, 1.Remember that you are only actually working with 2 needles at a time, try to forget about the other 2 (or 3); and 2.Use bamboo needles if at all possible, they “grab” the yarn (esp. wool yarns) better than the metal, and are less apt to dive to the floor at the end of the row. (Even if they do take the plunge, remember that bamboo is less dangerous anyway!)

    PS – thanks for your comment on my blog!

  2. Pam,
    thanks for the tips! It is easier to just think about the 2 needles you are working on at the time. One of my problems was the other needles got in the way of the 2 working needles! Having to shift the stitches around is tedious and I don’t like tedious. I am getting better and each time I see pictures of socks on dpns I am in awe…

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