My Knitting Adventures – Socks 3A

I really love knitting socks.  Working on pair 3 AND 4 at the same time!  I had stalled on pair 3 and started on pair 4 at knitting group one week and have continued to switch back and forth.

This is sock 3A

Pair number three, first sock (Sock 3A)

The yarn is a cotton/nylon blend called Lagoon from Sara’s Colorwave yarns.    I purchased some crochet cotton from her in the past and was impressed with the quality of the base thread and her dyeing skills.  It was VERY reasonably priced – anytime I can get enough yarn for a pair of socks in size huge from one skein of yarn for less than $10 I am going for it!

Closeup of the yarn under my "daylight" lamp

I know the socks look kind of odd-shaped but that is what it takes to fit my feet.   They are a teeny bit short- about two more rows and they would be perfect.  Socks 3B are past the heel but I’m not happy with the sloppy way I did the heel turn.  A heel turn is not the time to watch a show you actually pay attention to.  Frogging is in the future.  The very near future.  Yuk.  But rather frog than SEE those holes (both of them…LOL) or know they are there.

I’ve been wanting to try some summer yarns – it gets pretty hot in Florida and I wore my first pair of wool blend socks and my feet were HOT.  And it isn’t really summer yet!  We have a couple of weeks before the night temps go above 85…LOL.  Cotton fiber socks are an option and I am aware that cotton yarns have the rep that they stretch all out of shape but I’m hoping the nylon in these will help hold the shape.

I did the ribbing for these sport socks in the same size needle as the rest of the sock – size US zero and it is much too loose.  I had a JoAnn’s coupon and bought the Susan Bates set of DPNs in sock sizes.  The 00 size will be used for the ribbing for socks 3B and if I like it better, guess what – I’ll rip out the ribbing on socks 3A and redo with the small needles. And then find circular needles in 00.  I can use DPNs but like circs MUCH better.

Some may think the ripping is excessive but I am learning more and more about knitting each time I try something, rip,  and then try something else.  The Toe-Up Gusseted Heel from Maia has been a fantastic heel and I can almost do it without looking at the instructions.  Not quite, but almost.  When studying sock construction I kept finding wrap and turn methods but they seemed…fiddly…to me.  Maia’s heel was straightforward and simply slipping the first stich allowed me to yank up the stitch tight to eliminate the holes.  Most of the time.  When I am paying attention to the knitting and not watching an episode of Chuck online.


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