eBay Postcard – Aquababe of St Petersburg

Postcard image

“Donna Jean Allcorn, one of the famous Aquababes of St Petersburg, builds sand castles on the Spa Beach in downtown St Petersburg.”  Click HERE to go to the ebay listing!

This card fascinated me.  A cute blond child playing in the sand on the beach.  I spent many an hour doing just this – playing in the sand, building castles on the beach.

I was interested that the name of the person was included.  I did find that in 1949 she was a flower girl in a wedding reported in the society pages of the St. Pete paper.

Aha…found another article and picture of her (sadly too dark to make out the details) as a Bahama Babe during a water carnival at the Bahama Shores Yacht Association.  She was costumed as a clown!

In 1950 there was a showing of the Warner Bros. Technicolor featurette “Wish You Were Here” and she is listed as having a part, again as one of the Bahama Babes.  The same article lists a couple of names as Aqua Belles, possibly the older members of the group?

How unusual it is to find a postcard with the name of the model on the reverse.  I wonder if she was a local legend.  What a treat!  I’m hoping someone that knows her or her famly sees the postcard on ebay and it can go to a home where it is appreciated for the bit of personal history it represents.


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