Amish Friendship Bread part 2

The AFB keeps growing and multiplying.  I only feed it once a week now and it appears sufficient to keep the little yeasties viable and making some GOOD pancakes!

The first pancakes I made from the AFB were the traditional way in a frying pan but I was standing there for quite some time.  Took FOREVER.  I could make cake or muffins only standing at the counter long enough to mix and clean up but hate to turn on the oven for an hour and heat up the kitchen.

Then I had the brilliant idea of getting out the Oster Sandwich Maker.  It was advertised years ago to use with sliced bread, tortillas, or corn muffin mix and will make triangle-shaped mini pizzas, fruit pie-things, muffins, or quesadillas.  The limit is your imagination.

Makes really good pancakes!  And mucho faster than my stovetop.  It was WAY under the cabinet and had to do my contortion act to retrieve it.  A little dusty, but a good cleaning and it was ready to go.  The pancakes really plump up wonderfully, browning on both sides and are done in just a few moments…although by the time the second batch comes out I have made inroads into the first batch, nearly burning my fingers as I grab one that is just a bit too warm.

First recipe was awesome, but of course I kept asking myself how could this be better?  I ate some of the leftovers of that batch warmed in the microwave (nuked) with canned pineapple over the top.  Great idea (only needed ice cream for a complete meal…LOL)!  So a week later I used canned pineapple and I substituted the juice for the milk in the recipe.   Lighter and fluffier, not as dense and eaten warm with the warm pineapple?  YUM.

Very tasty, but note to self:  CRUSHED pineapple will probably work better.

I just finished making my third recipe and with this one I added vanilla and substituted water for milk.   I like – has the fluffy and light texture as the batch with pineapple and the vanilla adds a nice flavor.

As I was standing there, waiting for the cooker light to go off, I thought about the chocolate chips I found in my expedition under the cabinet.  Giradeli semi-sweet chips.  YUM.  So I started sprinkling them over the batter after pouring it into the wells of the cooker.

Indescribably good.  I used to be addicted to Sam’s club muffins, especially the chocolate chip ones and these pancakes are a great reminder of that sweet goodness.  Or, on a cruise once they had chocolate croissants for breakfast.  It was enough to get me out of bed!

The message is…If you have a friend that wants to give you AFB, take it!  You do NOT have to feed it every 5 days, and once a week while stored in the fridge is fine.  Be aware – my batch makes my fridge smell like a brewery but some might enjoy that feature.


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