My Bird Poop Socks

Which one of your friends did the dirty deed?

Which one of your friends did the dirty deed?

I’ve started my second pair of socks with Deborah Norville’s new yarn by Premier – Serenity Sock yarn.  (as a Firefly fan, love the name!).  The color pattern is Indigo and a mix of stripes in light turquoise, and stripes of indigo and off white in kind of a faux fair isle colorway.

The knit fabric with size 1 needles was too “holey,” and didn’t like the fabric with the size zero so went back to the size 1.  I quit thinking “relax” and just knit.  Gauge is 9 stitches an inch, and works out nicely.

The socks started life at Knitting Group on Sunday night.  When I went out to my vintage Toyota, it wouldn’t start.  I did NOT leave the lights on this time and got the click sound when turning the ignition so it was Not Good.  The AAA guy agreed with me it was probably the starter and he was awesome and gave me a push start!  I love a standard transmission for just that little trick.  Pop the clutch while rolling forward and you start up!  I will have to think about that when sitting in traffic and shifting up, shifting down, shifting up, shifting down.

So when I got home I backed up my drive so if I had to, I could roll down the driveway and use that momentum to start the toyota.  Good thing I did – and the next stop was the mechanic.  He had time to work on it and replaced the points in the starter and I am good as new again.

After the repair the weather was so nice I wanted to go sit in the park for a bit and enjoy the river, birds, and temperature.  Walked to my favorite bench, put the bag down beside me while I took some pictures.  When I reached in for the knitting my hand came away with ick on it…and some bird had pooped on my yarn!  It wiped off pretty well and was mostly on some previously knit part so worked on it a bit more…then the gross factor got to me and I gave up, went home, ripped it out, and washed the yarn.

Started again and took the socks with me to a dr’s appointment today.  I had about the first 3 inches of toe-up socks done again.  It isn’t very impressive yet and looks like a tube with a wedge-shaped bottom.

As you know, a lot of hurry up and wait in a dr’s office.  He was a little faster today and caught me before I climbed on the exam table.  I set them down in my chair and here is our conversation:

Doc: What are you making?
Me: Socks
Doc: Who are they for?
Me: Me.
Doc: -silence- I guess you are at the beginning then…

About fell off the exam table laughing.  I love this doctor!  He is great, and has a marvelous sense of humor.  He has encouraged my knitting as it is great hand therapy.

These are going to be famous socks and they are still in the fledgling stage!


2 responses to “My Bird Poop Socks

  1. Darling story Tobey. I remember years and years ago I was out on a blind date to the beach and my girlfriend also had a blind date. She was a ballet instructor and very thin and toned. I looked “just normal”.She had on her new white croched bikini and you could tell she thought she looked good. Her blind date also seemed impressed. It was a total catastrophy when one of the seagulls flew by and dropped the stuff on her bare flat stomach! They can be very bad boys indeed!

  2. Tobey, I love this about the Doc since I go to him also. You were kind enough to share him with me. I can just see him saying this and it makes me snort.

    Seagulls…one day on a trip to the beach when Alaina was small she was having a hot dog for lunch. Nasty seagull swooped down and got the hot dog. Left the bun and a screaming little girl. Bad boys indeed.

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