Knitting update

Thought I would post an update on the great Christmas knitting.  Since I just learned to knit and was proud of myself, I wanted family to receive a hand-made gift from me.    Six presents were finished in time to be wrapped and a final one finished and delivered in January to a friend.

Fuzzy Feet, a felted slipper pattern was given to the women in the family and it seems everyone liked it.  The Niece and I felted a bunch of them and I learned a valuable lesson about felting.  If it has been a while since knitting, turn the item inside out before felting or you may get a pot holder!  Thankfully we were able to open the slipper up so you could insert your foot.  Whew!

some pictures:

Fuzzy Feet for sis:

Convertible Mittens for Niece

Cap for Nephew

And while I was in a needlework mode, I crocheted some “Hamster Huts” for the Niece’s micro hamsters

one of the fuzzy feet in progress


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