Christmas Candy

My family tradition is divinity, but this is FLORIDA.  There are very few days dry and cold enough to chance making it.  Humidity and warmth plus divinity means you stand there and eat it with spoons as you scrape the puddles of creamy sugar off the wax paper.

One year Sis and I turned her AC down to frozen solid and made one batch so Daddy would have his favorite treat.   They were OK, but just not the creamy goodness our mother always made.

Mother hand whipped the egg whites with a special whisk (shaped more like a spatula than the traditional whisk) that was ONLY used for divinity and carefully stored in the back of the utensil drawer for the rest of the year.  We guarded the unique tool as she was convinced the only way she could make a decent batch of divinity was with THAT beater.  I remember when we found the same one in a junk store and proudly presented it to her.  She was glad to have a duplicate.  The original was coming out of the wooden handle by then, but it was still the primary implement.  Now you see them everywhere, and even Rachael Ray uses one.

Not only did Mother beat the whites by hand but continued beating while drizzling the boiling sugar mixture into the bowl with the other hand.    I remember the year I was finally tall enough/old enough to handle the heavy pan.  The mixture had to be poured at precisely the right speed and correct spot into the bowl.  It had to be done the RIGHT WAY.

Sis and I cheated and used the mixer.  LOL.

Mother also used the eggs from our own chickens.  She even bought an egg scale to make sure the eggs were large enough.  Using the HUGEST eggs was important to the final product.

The recipe was Grandmother’s (Daddy’s mother) and here it is

2 and one half cups sugar

one half cup white Karo

one half cup boiling water

2 extra large egg whites

1 teaspoon vanilla

Cook sugar, Karo, and water until hard ball stage then pour one half of the syrup mixture over beaten egg whites.  Put remaining half of syrup back on stove and cook slowly for EXACTLY 5 minutes (just bubbling).  Pour into eggs and syrup mixture and beat until ready to spoon.

Ready to spoon when holds shape when poured back in the bowl.

Spoon onto wax paper to set.  After solid, flip over so the bottom also dries.

Best results on cold, dry days.  Also good eaten with a spoon…


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