Election Day Reflections

I considered voting early, but hearing about the extremely long lines on the local news I thought I would wait until election day – my poling place is generally pretty fast moving and I’ve only had to wait up to an hour in line before.  An hour?  Quite doable compared to 4 others were experiencing.

Time slipped by and 4:20 rolled around and I thought I had better run before the folks getting off early from work get in line.  Made it!  Parked right next to the door and didn’t even need my folding chair and “busy bag” to pass the time while waiting to vote.  Walked into the building, was greeted with smiles from the officials and had to wait a whole 2 minutes while the person in line before me signed her name.

My county has the fill-in-the-oval we all remember from standardized tests.  After making choices the voter inserts the forms through the optical scanner.  But…the ONE scanner at my polling place was malfunctioning and the option provided was to deposit the forms it in a large locked bin.

The news reported generally smooth voting for most of the county but there were problems – a few of the scanners “lost” their scanned results.  The supervisor of elections was not available for comment but provided a statement that put the blame totally on the lack of customer support from the company selling the units.  Fortunately we won’t have to listen to him blame others in the future as he was NOT re-elected.  If the system doesn’t work correctly, admit it! Don’t just point fingers and whine it wasn’t your fault.


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