Postcard – Legend of the Spanish Moss

Legend of the Spanish Moss

The image is one that you can keep looking more and more deeply into – the canoeists, lily pads and moss glowing in the sun.  Pretty!  The card is pre-linen, so this card was probably printed sometime in the “teens” or maybe as late as the 1920’s.

Very indicative of the time it was written – a fascination with exotic “Indian Lore” made any postcard with an Indian legend more attractive.

Reminds me of a canoe trip I took down Juniper Run as a teenager.  We were having a great time drifting with the current and admiring the shoreline, twinkling clear water and using the oars mainly to make sure we floated in the center of the River.  Somehow, with one stroke I flipped my glasses off, and kerplunk, right into the water.  Fortunately others that COULD still see were able to retrieve them from the bottom – the water was so clear they could see the glasses resting on the bottom and were able to reach them from the canoe.  Whew!

Ebay number 400001880840


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