My Beginning Adventures Knitting – and How to Felt Soap

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing is crochet and I have recently learned to knit from some new friends I met through Ravelry. My first project was some knitted slippers knitted in wool yarn that you intentionally shrink or felt to make sturdy and warm slippers. They are almost finished…

Then I started on a gift for a family member. They are not quite finished…

And then I started on some knitted socks for me (Back to Basics Socks by Deb Barnhill, found at They are barely started. The knitting was going fairly well but when I tried them on – they were too big! Too big for MY feet? Imagine that.

Since there was no other recourse, I “frogged” (ripped them out). Boo Hiss. The yarn is doing quite well – I’ve not counted the number of times I’ve frogged and started again but it is about 6 or 7. The new-to-me cast on I’m using (Magic Cast On by Judy Becker) is becoming more and more familiar; I almost don’t need to go to the instructions. My performance is no reflection at all of the pattern. It is not the pattern’s fault I stumble here and there and there and here.

The idea of felting intentionally is interesting and then I saw this idea on one of my favorite blogs: creates a felted wool covering over a bar of soap. Now felting occurs when wool comes into contact with hot water, soap, and agitation. You can’t quite put a wool-wrapped bar of soap into the washer with some towels and jeans and expect to pull out a nifty item with soap remaining on the inside.

I may start a knitted sleeve for a bar of soap. There is left-over yarn from my first pair of slippers. This will mean that all four of my big knitted projects are in the unfinished stages while I move on to yet another new project.

But NO! I will persevere and finish at least ONE item before trying something new!


2 responses to “My Beginning Adventures Knitting – and How to Felt Soap

  1. I love your socks. I have always said I would love to knit socks, that way I could get funky socks to fit my huge feet. :-). Maybe someday.

    fI have felted wool roving onto soap I have made. It is simple and I didn’t use the stocking or a washboard. Just get it wet and rub in a circular motion. It does take some time. It makes a great scrubby.

    I don’t think you would have to knit and then felt. I imagine if you are knitting and using wool you could use small scraps of wool yarn. You could even seperate the fibers if you wanted a fine design. I used roving that I had from doll making. I dyed it with Kool Aid.

    Barb C (from Sew Ab)

  2. I found this site last night while snooping on the web and liked the idea of wrapping my soap in wool,I think my customers will like it as well,but does anyone know where I can purchase the wool?
    Thank you

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