I’m back! New Postcards on ebay

I’m back –

Been busy with listing stuff for ebay and spending time with my family.

Check out this postcard, Ebay item #150267220782 (click HERE to go see the listing)

Raleigh Pool

Aqua Cabana Club - The Raleigh Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

Isn’t this a stunning card? I love looking at these and imagining myself sitting in the shade at poolside with a book. It is fun researching and finding out about the location; who built it, when, and what happened there. (Esther Williams filmed a movie here!!!)

The hotel has been completely refurbished and from the pictures on the hotel website they honored the original design. The pool is even more stunning than it looks here in the postcard, if you can believe that! One of the travel websites gave a great tip that you can purchase a pool pass for the day and enjoy this amazing area without the expense of staying in the exclusive hotel. I did find that the pool is used for fashion shows so I would make sure if it was available for hotel guests before scheduling a stay. Imagine the disappointment on finding you were not allowed full use of the pool, cabanas, and beach due to someone with more money renting the setting for a period. Yuk.

I found out in the research:

Frommers had this to say about the hotel:
“Upon entering the lobby of this oceanfront Art Deco hotel, you will feel like you’ve stepped back into the 1940s. Polished wood, original terrazzo floors, and an intimate martini bar add to the fabulous atmosphere that’s favored by fashion photographers and production crews, for whom the hotel’s fleur-de-lis pool is the favorite subject. In fact, one look at the pool and you’ll expect Esther Williams to splash up in a dramatic, aquatic plié.”

Travel Intelligence website had this to say:
“The Raleigh was designed by L. Murray Dixon, one of the most prolific and acclaimed architects of South Beach’s historic Art Deco District. It remains one of the significant buildings from the formative years of Miami Beach. With its regal facade, impressive interiors, and lagoon-sized pool heralded as a “jewel” of modernist design, The Raleigh bestows a commanding presence on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.”

During research for other cards I read about the renovation of many of the classic hotels in Miami Beach and often the pool and outside dining areas are sacrificed to enlarge and enhance the other guest areas. Not so here! Definitely a place to see!

This pool has been voted “America’s most beautiful pool”. I can believe that!


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