Postcard: Eastern Airlines Super-C Constellation over Miami Beach

Eastern Airlines

Eastern Super-C Constellation over Miami Beach, Florida

I have some comments about flying and such, but will talk about the postcard first. It’s on ebay right now, item #150253300916 or you can click here and go immediately to the listing – I’m starting this one at a LOW price of $1.49 so you have a chance at a real bargain!

Wow – Eastern provided the postcard, You could write it in flight, place a stamp, and the airlines would drop it in the mail for you. This card was mailed from Arlington, VA and talks about a rough flight experience. The writer became air sick and the plane had to circle Washington DC for two hours before they could land. Not very pleasant (and waiting is still quite common 50 years later!).

Fantastic postcard and a quick look around the internet shows much higher prices for this card – and none of the ones I found had been postmarked!

The instructions to “Please affix stamp and give to your flight attendant for mailing” is printed on the reverse.

Postmarked 1953 with purple three-cent Liberty stamp
Very Good condition with minor corner wear and bumps (hey, it’s been through the Postal Service…)

Fifty years ago. Things have changed. Not only is this view markedly different, but Jets are common for passenger flights and Eastern Airlines folded. AND this is from the era when flying was still a classy way to go and service was a KEY word in the industry. Each individual was treated as an honored customer and your needs were seen to – a blanket and pillow was available, along with beverage service and FOOD. I noticed a few years ago that I began feeling like cattle rounded up and lead through the chute to an uncertain and unknown future. These days I’m beginning to wonder when the electrified cattle prods are coming out.

Food. Remember the days when you were offered a choice of meals if the flying was close to a mealtime? The latest news report stated that in coach (steerage) you won’t even be given a measly package of four pretzels.

Flying with Sis is great. We always carry food, books, and activities with us. Once there was a mechanical problem with the plane and during the delay we played Pass the Pigs (you can see the game here) and ate our balogna sandwiches (NOT the same activity). Early morning flights are the best, but the food was usually a sweet roll or danish. Neither of us thinks a sweet roll is a good way to start the day, so we like to pack boiled eggs. Couldn’t leave behind our Everglades Seasoning. (That is a mix of salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and other spices and perfect for eggs, meat, and more).

The last time we did the eggs was pre-911 so I don’t know if the security standards allow boiled eggs on the flight…


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