Crafty family

On Mother’s Day I was thinking about how Mother always had crafty ideas in her head and passed along this interest in making things. It was hard-wired into my DNA. I can prove it – she and her sister got it from their mother and passed it along to my sister and me (and our brother, but his crafty things are a BIT different). Even our niece likes to make things. We can’t swear she got it from our side of the family as my sis in law’s family is and has been quite crafty and creative for generations, too.

We were visiting Mother’s sister, Aunt C, in the wilds of West-Central Florida. Highway 19 was a four-lane road through palmetto scrub back then. She and Uncle liked to sell their creations, and were making bare-foot thongs or sandals out of crocheted metallic elastic and tri-beads. They were cute, and I learned how to make them. Then Uncle showed me the bead rope he was crocheting and I HAD to learn how to make that project. After a trip to the craft store for the beads, HOURS to string them in the precise pattern to make the swirl, crocheting the rope was the easy part. It turned out fabulous.

To crochet another one is on my lengthy to-do list.

That’s it for now. I leave you with another one of my favorite things – photography

sunset on the lake


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