Sis loves sushi and has introduced me to that lovely morsel of most anything wrapped in seaweed and rice. Amazing flavor in just a bite. I know there are all different types including a little block of rice with a bit of raw fish draped over the top (sashimi). But I prefer the complex and intriguing mixes of modern American sushi rolls.

A new restaurant has opened up near her home and on my last visit we went twice – once with bro and sis-in-law and then we went back a second night. Wow. It was so good you could hardly stand it. On our repeat visit it was just the two of us and we sat at the sushi bar and chatted with one of the chefs. It is a small, family owned restaurant and I hope it succeeds as we can always use another place to get Good Food. I would be hard to pick a favorite – they had something called “Passion Roll” with tuna, Kani, Avo, and tempura battered to deep fry. This was sooo good – they wouldn’t even have to fry the thing to get me to eat it. Another one is the yamagata roll with asparagus, shitake, avo and spicy mayonaise.

There is always somewhere to get sushi – you can get small boxes of it premade in grocery store deli’s. All-you-can-eat chinese buffets have a few selections on their menus. One of my neighborhood stops has a sushi on their buffet – three types: 1-fried shrimp, mayo and a raw green bean; 2-fried fish, mayo, and a raw green bean; and 3-Krab, mayo, and a raw green bean rolled in the tiny (and delicious) orange egg things. Gotta look up the correct teminology…LOL Not bad, but does get monotonous.

Then we ate at the sushi restaurant near Sis’s house. I don’t think I can go back to really enjoying my neighborhood sushi. It is like eating a fine steak and then a Happy Meal. No comparison. Definitely time to explore and find another sushi outlet! But my neighborhood hangout is used to me coming in solo and claiming a booth to read and eat, so I shall be back.


This brings me back to how this train of thought started. I was checking out one of the crafty blogs I enjoy and noticed Spam Sushi. Really. No Joke.

masubi sushi

Doesn’t this look delicious? Go check it out as it includes the recipe and pictures to guide you through the assembly process. The Blogger is an excellent writer and so creative. A nice person, too, as she is allowing me to post her photo on my modest blog.

I’m new at sushi, but an old hat at spam. Nothing like pan-fried spam sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise…sends your salt levels over the weekly limit, but a handy way to eat the spam from last year’s hurricane supplies. Didn’t think there was spam sushi as we usually see precisely sliced slivers of quality fish.

Then I remember that you could get Spam almost everywhere in Hawaii – Sis and I visited there a LONG time ago and had one of the best vacations EVER. Seeing Spam used in all the Pacific cuisines was kind of a shock and we were told it became part of the culture during WWII.

We even made sushi at bro’s house during one visit years ago, and it was FUN. One of those nice meals where each person can select from dishes of sliced and chopped veggies and strips of COOKED meat (no spam) to compile into a sushi roll. My niece was the teacher, and guided us in the proper techniques. She was pretty good, and my roll held together and sliced nicely. I went back for seconds.

In order not to sound like a total ignorant person, I googled and found a sushi and sashimi FAQ. Very interesting reading.

Hmmm. Must be hungry to be talking about food again! (family joke) and supper is almost ready.

Night all.


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