Crispy Rice Cereal Marshmallow Treats

We are all familiar with the Treats and how easy they are to make. When I visited Sis last, she bought some pre-packaged Name-Brand Crispy Rice Cereal Treats and we inhaled the box within a day or two.

After returning home, making a batch and eating the WHOLE THING in two days I thought it would be easy to cut down the recipe. It is. Eating them still warm from the microwave is also GOOD. Here is my recipe cut-down to about 4 servings. When and how much you eat is up to you!

Since I’ve been watching Rachael Ray cook – who measures? This isn’t rocket science, folks! No pictures as my camera is safe and sound at Sis’s house – right in the dining room at the front edge of the bench where I left it last…

– 5 marshmallows

– somewhere around 1 Tablespoon Butter (the butter company is so nice to put these markings on the wrapper)

Put in microwave safe container (I used the 3 cup Glad microwave safe plastic tub because it was clean. It turned out to give me plenty of room to stir in the cereal). Nuke about 30 seconds and watch the marshmallows GROW! Remove from microwave, stir to mix up the butter/marshmallow mixture and add:

– Little over 1 cup of rice cereal – use more if too “wet” or less next time if not sticky enough. I used too much cereal, and I liked it better as it wasn’t as teeth-achingly sweet as the normal recipe.

Stir thoroughly and press into the bottom of the dish. Eat while warm if you can’t wait.


One response to “Crispy Rice Cereal Marshmallow Treats

  1. Nothing beats warm Rice Crispys treats.

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