I’m BACK – Postcards – Sunset and Lily Pond

Spent a bit of time listing like crazy on ebay – they had this marvelous “sale” and listing fees were reduced for a few days down to ONE cent for auctions starting less than $1. Postcard city! I was able to work practically non-stop and get over 300 ready for auction. Unfortunately so did other people and the buyers had many choices at marvelous prices. The sales were not nearly as good as I was expecting.

Next step is getting the right postcard to the right buyer. Not the most fun chore. I had not been careful enough with organization when listing the cards so it took much longer for this part of the job. Next to the last task is the trip to the Post Office and finally spreadsheet upkeep. It was a definite learning experience.

In the midst of all this the cat developed some eye problems and a trip to the vet for eyedrops (all better now) and then human medical care for the cat’s person. I knew better, but in trying to help the vet tech my own cat bit me. I thought he just nipped me but the vet tech said, “Uh, I think he got you – you’re bleeding on the table.” Sure enough, two nice puncture wounds on my finger. Glad my tetanus was up to date…

Sis had a big bunch of postcards for me to list on ebay and I’ve had fun sorting through them and selecting the next batches for ebay. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you:

“A Charming Lilly Pool in the Heart of Florida”

Lily Pads in a Pond

Makes me want to pull out the old picnic basket and garden hat… And it is ebay item 150235763365 if you want to take a closer look. See my other postcards by clicking on “See seller’s other items” or pause to look at the scrolling items within the brown frame.

My favorite cards all have a theme – water! And I can hardly resist water with reflections – in the card above you can see bits of the sky and clouds..

And in the sunset below, the colors of the sky


“Evening Shadows in Florida” Lovely title! and the picture above is the one I posted on ebay. I also enjoy learning Photoshop Elements and will “play with” images to see what they may have looked like new and without fading, like this one below:

photoshopped sunset

Now I like the photoshop version better – it really brought back the reds and blues and other colors faded over time and removed the dinginess.

Since I want the customer to receive cards that look as much like the image they see on the screen as possible, I save the photoshop play for my own fun.

Thanks for checking back to see what is new at Dustbunnys.


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