Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from A&K

I received a lovely email from my Bro and SIL with pictures of the beautiful azaleas and blooming tree in their yard. I thought I would share them with you! I did resize them to load a little more quickly. My SIL is so talented with putting together an image like this and the photographer could have been either one. Aren’t they beautiful?

Easter was always a big event in our family. New Sunday Clothes, coloring and hiding eggs, and Easter Baskets! I love Easter Baskets and sis and I still exchange little surprises each year. We both enjoy the little wind-up or mechanical toys and I can count on finding at least one in my basket! I found a black and white snapshot of “us three kids” all dressed up in our Easter best:

Easter best

Our Granddaddy always wore a hat – and my brother liked it so much Granddaddy bought one for him – and he wore it every chance he got. Isn’t the little sport coat and tie adorable? You rarely see little boys really dressed up anymore, even for church or weddings.

Sis and I (I am in the middle) were so cute in our petti-coat floofy dresses, white socks, gloves, hat, and small purses. I remember that dress – I loved the embroidery on the bottom and the three-colored ribbon sash. Special occasions were not the only times we were dressed alike…

and here is a picture of my First Easter:

Have a lovely day – as meaningful as the cultural aspect of the holiday is with remembering loved ones and spending the day with family and friends, the true meaning of Easter is the bedrock of my faith as a Christian.



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