My Cat

foggy cat

The cat in my life is a rescue. I was visiting my brother, sis in law, nephew, and niece (Hi y’all!). SIL and Niece were driving home from town and saw him trotting along side of the road – a kitten about 5 months old. They were able to coax him into the van and take him home. He had not had a good life before then – there were scabs and sores on his paws, he was hungry and skinny, and missing most of his tail. A few days of good food and kind treatment was all he needed. Soon he would leap up to the window in the door, catch his claws in the sill so he could look inside, and meow for attention. A LOUD meow – and earned the nickname Mouth.

Now this first picture may look artsy and diffused – no magic here except an air-conditioned house, EXTREMELY hot and humid day, and curious cat. Fog on the camera lens is the original soft-focus. He had slipped out of the house to snack off the lawn and I thought it would be a good time to get a couple of pictures of him out in the sunlight.

Back to when we met: About a week after they found him on the side of the road I arrived for a visit. His new family had not come to pick him up and my family convinced me to take him home with me. They didn’t have to work too hard as he was an affectionate and loving cat with a purr you can hear in the next room and a meow that demands attention from a nearby human. My portable closet (the back of the vehicle) had the old cat carrier from previous animal… It was meant to be!

A visit to the vet for a check up confirmed he was a “manx” and not the victim of cruel abuse to have a 4-inch stub of a tail. I was relieved about that. Cats with tails look kind of strange to me now. The Vet (“Doc”) said he thought either that someone may have thrown him from a moving car and he landed on the pavement, or he walked so far on the hot pavement it burned his paws – thus the healing places on the pads.

He is my buddy. Whatever I am doing, he has to help, even with the computer.

The printer fascinates him…but right now he is snoozing at my feet, under the desk. Awake and roaming the house he comes back to pat me with his paw – it is time to play!



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