Postcard – Charles Ringling Residence, Sarasota

This is not a residence like where I live, but a RESIDENCE. I just put this up on ebay, and wanted to share it here.

The card is certainly bright…

I’ve toured the lovely John and Mabel Ringling Home and the Beautiful Art Museum bearing their name, but didn’t realize brother Charles also had a palatial home in Sarasota! This is a unique card – well, at least I haven’t seen it before!

In doing research I found on the website (go down the page to Ringling), “In contrast to his brother’s interest in developing Sarasota’s coastal areas, Charles Ringling invested in the downtown. He bought the old Gillespie golf course and developed the city’s business district. He was president of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, 1925-26, during which time he built the Sarasota Terrace Hotel. Ringling founded his own bank, the Ringling Bank and Trust Company and gave property to the county for a courthouse.” Apparently while brother John was going all through Europe buying art, Charles was developing parts of Sarasota.

The description at the USF website gives some marvelous detail about the construction to take advantage of the breezes and light, the Pink Etowah Georgia Marble, and exquisite furnishings including a carpet designed by Mrs. Ringling.

The back of the card reads:
“This is one of the show places of Sarasota. Mrs. Ringling is the widow of Charles Ringling of circus fame, one of the seven Ringling brothers, founders of “The Greatest Show on Earth.”



One response to “Postcard – Charles Ringling Residence, Sarasota

  1. You are correct…this is not just a is a RESIDENCE. Just beautiful. I remember fondly attending the Renaissance festival there one year.

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