Postcarding – Tamiami Trail

Posting another interesting story behind the card on ebay today – item #290211616922. Be sure to click on the underlined links for some more information.

Sigh – another one I want to keep but I have to draw the line somewhere!!! Postmarked 1968 but that sure looks like a substantial 50’s car to me. Talk about a long, straight road…two lanes with ditches on each side as far as you can see. Don’t slow down or the mosquitoes will get you. Also watch out for Florida Panthers, Alligators, Deer, and maybe a bear here and there. Welcome to the real south Florida. The road begins in Tampa and winds south then south east and finally east into Miami. Urban scenery lines the highway along the coast, turning more rural as you turn more eastern until you approach the sprawl of Miami.

The road is a “Natural Scenic Byway” along the borders of the northern edge of the Everglades and was significant in the development of not only south Florida, but the drainage questions the government has been dealing with in the Everglades for the last century.

I looked up a bit about the Tamiami Trail and found a series of articles printed in the St. Pete Times back in 2003 at the 75th Anniversary of the completion of the road. The author interviews one of the last remaining men that built it. An important member of the teams was the ox…and over 2,000,000 million sticks of dynamite was needed to make the road.

Hope you enjoyed a little of the trivia I learned about this postcard. There is always a story behind the card – one of the reasons I enjoy them!



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