Cat on a Leash

After writing about the blessing of the animals at Christ Church in Alexandria, I remembered a picture I saw this week on I can has Cheezeburger.

Humorous Pictures

Nothing like taking your cat out for a drag? I think the best defense a cat has when dealing with humans and their ideas is the instant dishrag – to go completely limp.

My Plumber:

My hot water heater gave up the ghost a few years ago and I called a plumber out to replace it. I am one of those annoying people that likes to visit and watch repair people while they work on my stuff. We were chatting and I mentioned that I was trying to keep The Cat in the house and the plumber was a cat person and admitted it. He had been called out to a house for a plugged toilet (ugh) and determined the problem was an obstruction in the line from the house to the street. While inspecting the pipe he found a tiny kitten! For no charge he dug out the pipe, cut it above and below the kitten and rescued it (and of course replaced and reburied that bit of pipe). That cat is now his special buddy and likes accompany the plumber on his daily exercise walks to the mailbox – about 1/2 mile away. The cat gets tired and has to be carried back to the house…



One response to “Cat on a Leash

  1. Some Cats just don’t care for leashes.

    Being an indoor Cat all my life I’ve rarely been outside, with, or without Daddy.

    Being a Cheshire Cat, too, imposes it’s own problems when going outside, but Daddy HAS taken me out on a Leash a few times recently. ;-D

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