Squirrels are interesting critters. They are quite brash and bold yet so very aware that they are a tasty morsel for others in the food chain. While at the park on Saturday I spotted this one – and he was snacking on some of the corn chips left on a plate by a kid at a picnic. I didn’t get a shot of him stealing, but did snap this one and he has such an innocent look yet alert stance…

Oh, and in case you are wondering, those spiky looking things coming out of the ground are cypress knees.

squirrel park

Apparently the fascination with critters goes way back. I found this picture of me as a toddler chasing a squirrel around at Silver Springs. This was back before I had a sister or brother to play with and I had to make do.

baby and squirrel

A few years ago my sister and I traveled to Washington DC (That trip will be another whole series of blog entries!! Great Trip..) and we drove back to Fla and took a couple of days on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Seemed quite a few squirrels had fatally miscalculated the mad dash across the road. This was about the time a national car insurance company had a commercial with two squirrels trying to make cars wreck while swerving to miss them. They would chatter at each other and give high fives when the car went off the road. Of course in our version of humor we had a few words to say and then laugh as we remembered the commercial…

Then there is this joke –

A man is crossing the road and thinks he has plenty of time to safely get to the other side before the oncoming car gets too close. The car speeds up and he runs faster – but the car moves to the other side of the road – the man turns and runs back to where he started. The car again changes lanes and is almost there! As the man leaps off the road, the car stops, backs up, and the tinted window slides down. The squirrel driving shakes his fist and yells, “It’s not so easy, is it?”



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