Postcarding – At Eventide, Florida

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time the last couple of days putting more cards up on ebay. One of my favorites is this one.

At Eventide, Florida

I try to limit the cards in my personal collection to a couple of topical areas. One I enjoy is the beautiful scenes like this one. It is so calm and quiet and I almost feel as if I am there. (ebay item #290208104499). It is listed because You Can’t Keep EVERYTHING and I hope it goes to a good home.

This is another one – The postcards from the turn of the century (19th to 20th…) of industrial or business scenes are so fascinating. This one is loading wheat on a ship in Portland, OR with Automatic Conveyors (ebay item #290207827572). There are still a few men standing around and someone had to put the wheat on and off they conveyor, so the automation is not quite as complete as automation is in 2008. I love the glimpse into how things were done in the past. Ingenuity and invention are thrilling!

Loading Wheat

You can really tell the quality of the cardstock, coloring, and printing on these two. They even feel important. I’ve been learning about some of the different publishers, and the ship card is published by Edward Mitchell of San Francisco. From what I understand, German publishers essentially owned the market and collectors far preferred them to the American printed cards. Mr. Mitchell was able to show that American printers could challenge the German printers in quality and desirable subject matter.

Most of the other cards I’ve been listing were attractions – most closed, sold, and paved over now, but still fun to remember or wonder about. I’ll be writing more about them in the future. You can go to one of the item numbers I’ve listed and click on “see seller’s other items”, or about an inch or two further down the page look at the scrolling slide show of all the cards at auction.



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