Later, Gator!

No, I am not one of the numerous University of Florida fans. My blood doesn’t run blue and orange. U of F is a FINE university, but I just don’t follow the BIG sports. As teenagers I don’t think we missed a High School football game, but in general organized sports don’t interest me. As soon as I typed this I thought – what about Track and Field? What about the Olympics? NASCAR? Atlanta Braves? OK-I do admit to enjoying those but I’d still rather spend time with my nose in a book and often watch while reading or surfing on the computer.

The saying is a holdover from childhood – maybe you remember saying, “Later, Gator” and someone else responds, “After while, Crocodile.”

With the advent of e-mail it seems rude to stop what you are typing, sign your name and hit send. Sincerely, Best Regards, or Thank You are a bit formal for me. Then I started typing “Later, Gator” as it seems friendlier…or is it Just Too Cute?

I’m thinking Just TOO Cute so I will just sign…



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