The Camera Ate My Pictures

I had an “Oh, Dear” moment recently. I was designing this blog and wanted to use one of the pictures of the sailboats on a lake. I wasn’t carrying a camera bag and had tossed the camera in my purse. Sitting down at the computer with the purse I lifted the camera out of the junk in the bottom of the purse and the battery door was swinging open. The batteries fell out of my camera…my fault as I didn’t engage the lock on the little door, just clicked it shut.

I reloaded the batteries and turned the knob to view and nothing appeared. Just a horrible blue screen that announced NO PICTURES (thank you so much for that observation, camera). After turning off an on a couple of times, still no pictures so I put it down – I had to find the USB cable anyway.

Somewhere in the vague recollections of reading the manual with the camera I seem to remember some warning about the battery and pictures, but I figured that was for the tiny internal memory, not the card. Was my assumption wrong? To my mind when pictures are put on a card, they stay on the card unless you do something evil electronically to remove or disturb them.

Came back to it a little later with USB cable in tow and all my pictures were back!!! I hurriedly downloaded the pictures into my computer. Now I need to do a back up on the external hard drive. After all that I’ll delete them off the camera. The card holds over 400, anyway. I have a card reader, but it doesn’t accept the cards that fit in the camera.

Happy dance when the pictures were found! I was right!

Not only were there the pictures of the gorgeous sky and sailboats from last Saturday, but the family Christmas photos were on there, too. All rescued and ready to go through and select the ones to print for SCRAPBOOKING!

Along with the pictures of the sailboats, a favorite oak tree:

Oak Tree

Later, Gator!


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