Postcard – Globe of the Earth, Pan American Airways Terminal, Miami, Florida

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to share stories behind some interesting postcards I’ve collected. Some will be or have been for sale on e-bay, others are from my personal collection.

Pan American Airways Terminal

Isn’t this a great glimpse of history? From when travel was an event, not an endurance trial. Everyone dressed in their best. I am quite content to travel in my comfy stretched out jeans and sneakers instead of a girdle, hose, and heels and am glad to travel as a slovenly tourist.

A little more about the card:

Huge Globe of the Earth, Pan-American Airways Terminal, Miami, Fla
“The Globe is 31 ½ ft in circumference and weighs 6,500 lbs.” Is written on the front lower border.

Description on the back: “This huge globe revolves in the lobby of the Pan-American Airways Terminal. Globe is oriented so that its axis parallels that of the earth under foot at Miami and its North Pole points to the North Star; thus in the course of rotation Miami comes to the top of the globe once every two minutes and the observer has opportunity to orient himself with reference to rest of the world.”

1936 Genuine Curteich – Chicago 6A-H1643
Original owner wrote on the front of the card in the border that they were at this location in 1941.

In looking up information about the Pan-American terminal in Miami, I found this site where the author is a pilot and has researched the various abandoned air strips around the US. Fascinating! In looking around Miami, I noticed a dirigible landing area!

I put the card on e-bay and it didn’t sell…that means I get to KEEP it!

The building was purchased by the City of Miami in 1954 and became the City Hall. The interior has recently been renovated and the murals and decorations have been repainted in the original colors that you can see here. The Globe was moved to the Miami Science Museum lobby.

The National Park Service has some great history on this site going back to WWI.

Most of my favorite postcards are scenic views, but locations such as these force me to look into their interesting history.

Later, Gator!


2 responses to “Postcard – Globe of the Earth, Pan American Airways Terminal, Miami, Florida

  1. Great postcard & Great blog. I actually work in this building (as both my grandmothers did back when it was Pan Am). I would love to bid on the postcard. Anyway, any other information you get on the building, please send my way. Thank you!

  2. Kathryn,
    Thanks for my FIRST comment! Wow! I bet you have some great family stories of the building when it was Pan-Am, and how great to work in it now.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the card, and I can relist it on ebay if you’d like to bid on it…

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